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 Isabella, 2nd Marchioness of Hertford, as Lady Beauchamp  by John Downman, 1781
Portrait of the Artist’s Mother by  Pablo Picasso, 1896
Frances Maria Brodribb by Thomas Griffiths Wainewright , 1840
Head of a Woman by Jean Antoine Watteau, 1710
Portrait of Dora by Sir Frank Dicksee
Portrait of Agnes Malliam (Mrs Edward Foster) by Sir Frank Dicksee, 1921
Portrait of Maude Moore by Sir Frank Dicksee, 1913
Portrait of a Woman by Sir Frank Dicksee, 1887
Sylvia by Sir Franck Dicksee
Portrait of a Lady by Sir Frank Dicksee
Miranda by Sir Frank Dicksee, 1878
Camille, Daughter of Sutton Palmer by Sir Frank Dicksee, 1914
Olivia by Edmund Blair Leighton
Portrait of a lady by Edmund Blair Leighton, 1896
A Medieval Beauty by Edmund Blair Leighton